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Location Snohomish County is located on Puget Sound, between Skagit County to the north and King County (and Seattle) to the south. Covering 2,090 square miles, it is the 13th largest county in total land area in Washington. Snohomish County’s varied topography ranges from saltwater beaches, rolling hills and rich river bottom farmlands in the west to dense forest and alpine wilderness in the mountainous east. Glacier Peak, at 10,541 feet, is the highest point in Snohomish County and one of the highest in Washington State. Sixty-eight percent of the county land area is forest land, 18% is rural, 9% is urban/city and 5% is agricultural.

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Snohomish County enjoys a moderate year-round climate, with average temperatures ranging from about 75°F in July to about 33°F in January. The Olympic Mountains to the west, across Puget Sound, shelter the area from excessive precipitation coming off the Pacific Ocean. Annual precipitation in the western part of the county is 35 inches, but increases sharply as the elevation climbs into the Cascades Mountains (Index, 110"-120").

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